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grapes in grape gardenNow you can visit Grape Garden and taste ecologically clean big berry grapes!

Because the varieties are different so is the ripening time from early to medium.
The grapes can be tasted from middle of August until end of September.

Grape Garden differs significantly from other vineyards because it is the only place in Latvia, where are grown big berry grape varieties, and marked out the best and most suitable varieties for grape breeding in Latvia and other similar climate conditions.

Perception about grapes grown in Latvia will change dramatically, because similar size and taste berries until now can only be purchased in a supermarket (with a solid dose of chemicals).

The varieties grown in Grape Garden have big berries, up to 4cm in diameter, and huge - up to 1.5 kg heavy clusters. And they are clean, fragrant and have exceptionally delicious taste! These varieties in that quality are grown only in the Grape Garden.


You are welcome to visit Grape Garden individually and in groups.1.00 Ls per person, min. fee - 5.00 Ls.

Please contact us by email prior coming to adjust time of the visit. Thank you.
Edgars Zihmanis, Agronomist, Winemaker

We are sorry but this time excursion can be conducted only in Latvian or Russian languages


big berry grapes


Why Should One Come to The Grape Garden

grapes Taste the grapes (up to 20 varieties (!) depending on the ripening time)
grapes Buy delicious grapes and grape plants
grapes Learn winemaking secrets and taste home-made high quality natural dry grape wine
grapes Visiting our vineyard you will get not only gastronomic pleasures, but also a pleasant impression of the grape breeding evolution in Latvia


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