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Grape Varieties of The Grape Garden

Potential grape growers use to ask us which one is the best variety for breeding.
According to our experience none is low variety, because every year each grape variety manifests differently, and under favourable conditions can show its true good nature.
The most important is the taste you love... That's why we recommend to taste our grapes.


What is the difference between grapes generally grown in Latvia (and other countries to the North) and these grown is Grape Garden

vinogas TimurThe grapes grown in Grape Garden are very special.
These varieties have been created during 20 years as a result of complex selection where were mutully crossed European and The Amur (read more below) species vines by Russian and Ukrainian selectionists.
The output is surprising!
New hybrid berries are big, flesh crisp, juicy, meaty.The vines are diseases resistant, and frost resistance was -23° C to -29°C!



Vine species and their characteristics

There are many grape spacies in the world but these three are the most known:

1. The Amur vine (Vitis amurensis). It has a short vegetation cycle, a strong height, relatively resistant to different diseases, small berries, frost resistance is up to - 40° C. The Amur vines are used in selection for raising winter-hardiness.

2. European - Asian vine (Vitis vinifera). These species in comparison with others, have the best taste berries; the flesh is crunchy, juicy, meaty. Large clusters, but weak to diseases. Also, the frost resistance of the European - Asian vine is one of the lowest.

3. American vine (Vitis labrusca) has small clusters, its berries are small with a thick skin, large seeds, jelly flesh, often with a specific aroma and flavor (wild strawberry). We rather know it as the Isabella taste. Vine height is strong, resistant to disease, frost resistance is up to -30° C.
The American vine species were used for further selections here in Latvia and was created varieties like Zilga, Supaga, Guna and others grown in other Latvian vineyards.

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