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Ecologically Clean Big Berry Grapes
Grown in Grape Garden Vinery

Grape growing becomes more and more popular in Latvia. Grape Garden (Vīnogu Dārzs) is a Vinery located in Zemgale region.

If you are going to Tervete Country Park for beautiful landscapes, do not pass by. You are welcome to visit the Grape Garden!

Grape Garden is the only vineyard where can be tasted the most brilliant big berry grapes grown in Latvia!
You will be surprised not only of the perfect quality and big size of the grapes but also of their delicious taste. Grape Garden is a real proof that amzing and ecologically clean grapes can be grown in Latvia and in other European countries with similar climate.

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Collection of grape varieties grown here is one of the largest in Latvia, there are more than 50 varieties in total! These are the Ukrainian, Russian, USA and Latvian selectionists best accomplishments that are being tested and monitored in a local cultivation conditions.

Grape Garden is open to visitors interested in ecologically clean grapes starting middle of August until end of September.
Gourmands and gardeners wanting to taste and purchase the grapes and plants are welcome to contact us.



Primary criteria of the grape varieties grown in the Grape Garden

grapes Cold-resistant, hardy (survive up to -25° C)
grapes Quality of the grapes (excellent taste, good cluster and up to 30x20mm big size berries)
grapes Early-ripening (ripens during 100 days after buds blossom in June)
grapes Disease resistance (grapes are ecologically clean because plant protection treatment isn't necessary)

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